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terre brulée


Only a few equipment in my kitchen but lots of preparations, most of which required days or even weeks of maturation, ready to accompany meat or fish. Throughout the year, I concoct unique, delicate, round glazing, with varying degrees of acidity which coat the meat for a unique cooking. Not only glazing, but also, flavoured oils and salts and the famous scorched earth which is incorporated in certain dishes.

It’s almost my signature dish, a recipe that gives a unique flavour to my cuisine: a blend of herbs, grains, vegetables, anything that comes to mind which expresses my feelings, a blend that experiences the heat of the flame, time passing and sublime flavours. In the mouth, it is melting, crispy, crunchy, surprising and above all this combination gives a particular light to each dish, an aromatic grilled flavour that stands as the essence of my cuisine.

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