Refugee Food Festival

Tuesday 21 June 2016, I hosted the Syrian chef Mohamad Elkhaldy in my restaurant and we prepared lunch and dinner menus together.

For a while, I have been involved personally and professionally in integrating people who are in need and I didn’t hesitate a second when it came on to supporting the Refugee Food Festival project. I finally found an opportunity to have a positive experience in this tragic situation. My bistro cuisine fits perfectly with the preparation of a four-hands meal. It is about spontaneous gestures to create a sophisticated cuisine while remaining convivial. Mohamad Elkhaldy is from Damas and he is passionate about cooking. He opened and managed restaurants, taught, presented television programs for the general public. This is why our culinary exchanges were very intense.

Despite the language barriers, when we first met we agreed on a two chef menu which mixes French and Syrian cuisines. A unique menu which combines the two culinary traditions.

This event was created by Food Sweet Food, co-organised with HCR, the UN Refugee Agency and Les Cuistots Migrateurs.