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Finally, you are still only at the beginning of the story since I love people immensely. Friends come first, from Béarn to Basque Country, my adopted homeland, naturally Yves Camdeborde and Sébastien Gravé, David Toutain, Bruno Doucet, Sébastien de la Borde, Christian Etchebest.

My kitchen staff plays an important role in my life, Yuji, the sous chef, Mario (and his schoolboy pranks), Amandine and Laurent who work in the dining room follow the fast pace and the customers with whom I share conversations… on a long term basis.

That complicity nourishes me and shapes me but it would be nothing without my family that defines me. Their energy allows me to create a cuisine of “controlled chance”, a cuisine that rejects rationalisation and places the staff and the clients on the same level.

I like you to have a good time in my restaurant, a simple and happy moment where you can eat, discuss, exchange and share.

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