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cuisinier !


I consider cooking as a physical exercise; my whole body, energy, mind and emotions, every part of my body is focus while cooking. I get involved in the same way with the ingredients and preparations. I enter in a delicate struggle because it is important to know how to accompany a motion but also to create dynamics.

At the serving-hatch, I seize every element, my body is engaged in a continuous movement, as two dishes are never exactly alike and from the same ingredients, I can develop various dishes that emphasize different flavours. This combination also creates feelings of contrasted, insanely soft, sweet and crunchy textures that focus on raw and cooked flavours along with the combinations that I draw up.

It is time for the last gesture, dish presentation: meat or fish, preparations, scorched earth. I combine all these elements in a lively manner, almost in a violent movement to get a generous and spontaneous result.

Intuitive, I tell stories with my cuisine. I am constantly recreating dishes, festive cuisine, that reject habits, tics and routines which is essential to exploring what my imagination suggests.  Without limits, I have the appetite for risk, I combine with the Breton forest wild animal environment of my childhood, the rich flavours of the Basque Country and the purity of Asian medicinal cuisine, so as to find and impose my own definition of nature.

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