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I am Breton by birth and I carried with me the values of boldness and a certain taste for adventure even if my cooking training embodies everything that I would later fight against. Without looking behind, I moved to Paris, met Yves Camdeborde in 1992 and started all over. I fell in love with Basque Country where I discovered well-handled products, learned, dared, composed and then ten years later, I broke my leg. This accident was the only thing that could slow me down, forcing me to relax and… to think. Naturally, this period of transition shaped my future. I did not want to open up a bistro, I did not want to imitate Yves Camdeborde. I did not want to compete for stars, I just wanted to live, to create a place to live in and to offer an excellent cuisine in a bistro, a cuisine worthy of a starred restaurant using the same products and the same suppliers but with different ideas. References ? Camdeborde to whom I am bounded by an unconditional friendship. Another reference is Olympe, a tremendous cook, who during her time, combined excellence with simplicity.

I bought L’Ami Jean in 2004, the oldest Basque establishment located at rue Malar in the 7th district of Paris. Even though the restaurant is under new management, former customers remained loyal.  I invested in this kitchen and with the support of my friends, I gave birth to the bistronomy. I created a new culinary programme that adapts the idea of a free, independent, creative and high quality cuisine to broaden access to excellency.

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