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Over the years, I did not only set up a network made up of suppliers: men and women who till their soils, raise animals, go fishing, hunt and love to eat good food. But also a network of slaughterhouses which are now a matter of widespread debate that, in a normal world, it should not be such a controversial topic. An animal must be respected, whether it is a cow, a lamb or a hare. In addition, fish should not be ill-treated, fishing should be limited and well-managed in sustainable fisheries.

As it relates to vegetables, it should be grown without the use of pesticides or other dangerous product. Harvesting should be done while maintaining the delicacy and fragility of the plant. The taste should be the main concern, therefore, the product should be well handled and harvested only when fully ripe. Either directly or with gourmand suppliers, we share our 3 stars, bistronomy and even more.

My cuisine is based on exceptional products developed by demanding artisans who respect nature. I examine carcasses and flesh. I am very concerned about animal welfare and rebel at the slightest hint of abuse. Additionally, I ensure the freshness and taste of every stem, leaf, vegetable, and fruit. With my obsession for quality and respect of the craft (luxury), I became a real activist.

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