L’agneau sous toutes les coutures !

It’s not a good start, Stéphane Jego hates lamb… but he cooks it with such passion that makes it delicious! As usual, he buys the entire animal and he always cooks every part of the lamb, his way of respecting the animal and not waste anything. Especially since his young lambs lived with man during transhumance which adds to their respectability.

The lamb undergoes the test of fire at Ami Jean! Just like the young goat, it is roasted, grilled, braised, preserved …, always keeps its material, the structure of the meat, so much so that the customer eats it with a spoon. Time is the ally of the cook, time without which nothing is possible, time that also allows you to rediscover the flavours of this singular flesh.

Give credit where credit’s due, the lamb and its typical flavours are combined with spring vegetables and flavours which come in particular from Maghreb, and every impulse of the cook creates a new story.