The menu that makes you talkative…

A working lunch? … means combining pleasure and laborious conversation. At all times, contracts are signed at the table or just by leaving, in any case, the meal is related to business.
An appetizer, a dish, a dessert, and it’s promised, there will be only solutions to all the problems you encounter everyday!
Come to work by tasting the menu “business lunch” at soft price (35 euros)!

Eat your soup !

… and Stéphane Jego responded to this order since he became a chef in memory of the creamy Philomène soup that his mother made using the first asparagus.
Nowadays, the soup that he always serves as appetizer make the transition between winter and spring. He plays with herbaceous flavours of the first garlic shoots and onion stalks. A three-month old young garlic shoot that is about 20 cm in height resembles a mini leek whose bulb is not yet formed. The chef adds some mini croutons to enhance crunchiness and pours the chicken stock mixed with the tasty Parmesan and cream over it.
This soup is a very sophisticated appetizer that changes every day, made according to Stéphane Jego’s mood with products available in its season. Convivial, childish and rustic, the moment of the soup reminds him of his grandmother in Brittany and a tradition found in the Basque country.