Happy Hours Always convivial!

It is a tradition at L’Ami Jean, a tradition that I would like to carry on. Always convivial, more and more opportunities to meet up and share a good glass of wine and delicacies which is the fuel for lively conversations. This is the starting point for “Apéros de l’été indien”. Please check the dates for the evening aperitifs as sometimes throughout the year, I’m less inspired than I would like.

Depending on my inspiration during the day, depending on the season, there are a few things to nibble on. For example, at this season, there is an excellent melon with quail breast served with a blend of delicacy and vegetable, the risoni pasta, gandillas and fried onions, Ospital white ham canapé and scorched earth, grilled aubergine and aubergine or olive mousseline, grilled bacon, buckwheat and scorched earth, bonito fish and its crystal bread, the delicious bloody cherry tomatoes, diced bacon, croutons and buckwheat – not to mention Carlos’ Iberian cold cut and the mythical terrine!

Will you be able to resist? Appointment from Tuesday to Saturday at 7pm.

Cream soup, A nod to friend Gravé

The meal always starts with a soup, a creamy parmesan soup poured over a fresh side dish that mixes seasonal vegetables, shellfish, herbs, onions and peppers. Every day brings a new inspiration, I made my mixture and I pour it over this parmesan creamy soup that I created in honour of my friend Sébastien Gravé. He loves parmesan so much that he’s been using it in every dish: the starters as well as main dishes, with meat and even fish. He is crazy about parmesan. We often laugh about it together and I wanted to show him what I love to make with parmesan.

Of course, a cream soup made from finely chopped vegetables, to which I often add shellfish, spices, herbs, pepper and a few drops of flavoured oil and that’s all there is to it. In general, I love to reveal the deep flavour of parmesan by serving it with freshness and liveliness and I like to focus on the roundness of the cheese with its floral and iodised notes.